Bulletin Board System

How to reach Slash BBS?

Our support Bulletin Board System is currently running multiple lines using high-end Tron TA-128 M2 ISDN modems.

Modem+ISDN: +31(478)550973 (supporting up to V.90/56k0, V.120/64k0)
Fidonet Node: 2:280/1601 and 2:280/1602
Telnet: telnet://bbs.slash.nl/

History of Slash BBS

Slash BBS has been started on March 13th 1994 as a 100% hobby BBS. After a couple of months Slash BBS moved from Tilburg to Venray and within a short time the popularity of this system grew and grew and grew.

When users started to complain about being BUSY very often I decided to dump my analogue line and switched to “state-of-the-art” multiline ISDN lines.

We’re doing shareware registrations for several software authors too. In the meantime Slash BBS has become a well known provider of Fidonet, Signet and Internet echomail for other BBSes and end users. For the future we are planning to expand this former hobby board into one of Holland’s mayor BBSes but without losing our original service.

Echomail of Slash BBS

Slash BBS is an important provider of both national and international fidonet echomail. To establish a continuous mail feed we are bundling the forces of our two major national echomail Cost Sharing Organisations: TipTop and ElCom.

Besides the national and international echomail we are also offering internet newsgroups and a couple of very successful local chat areas to our subscribers. We are also offering TransX connections for ultra fast and ultra cheap exchange of mail and files over the internet.

Software of Slash BBS

We are using the following software to run our multiline Bulletin Board System:

Operating System: Windows NT 4.0 Server
Mailer: FrontDoor v2.33.mL
BBS Software: EleBBS v2.50/Professional (250 Nodes)
Netmail Tracker: O/T Track v2.80
Echomail Processor: FastEcho/ABS v1.42.beta
FileEcho Processor: ALLFIX+ v5.13
Archiver: RAR v2.06 / WinZip v8.0