Fixed problem with online order form

  • Caused by a malfunctioning mail-a-form script, we had some problems with our online Order Form and Shareware Registration forms. Instead of using the mail-a-form script of XS4ALL we are now using our own Perl scripts. If you experience any problems with our new scripts, please send a message to our webmaster.


Website completely redesigned!

  • Today we present you our completely re-designed website.

FrontDoor 2.32.mL has been released!


  • There is now a native (32-bit) OS/2 version available of FrontDoor 2.32.mL!
  • This is a maintenance release which supercedes FrontDoor 2.31.mL (released on June 17th 1998).
  • Click here to see a list of fixes and new features in FrontDoor 2.32.mL since version 2.31.mL.
  • Click here to download the update from our FTP-server.


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