thawte’s SSL123 Certificate

SSL certificates increase the confidence of visitors in the credibility of a web site and demonstrate that high security standards are incorporated in the Internet communication. Through SSL encryption, the certificate assures that information is kept private between the web server and the clients’ web browsers.

Thawte’s SSL123 Certificate is a domain validated SSL certificate capable of 256-bit encryption and issued with minimal paperwork. When a SSL123 Certificate is installed on the server, the visitors of a web site will be able to verify the domain to which the certificate was issued and the validity dates of the certificate.

The process of applying for a thawte signed digital certificate begins with the generation and submission of a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) file. Thawte then checks and verifies the right to use the domain name in question, and when satisfied, signs that request file, using the trusted thawte CA root key, and issues it to the customer as his certificate.

Certificate features and benefits:

  • Encryption: Up to 256-bit encryption enabled
  • Browser Capability: Highest in industry
  • Certificate Details: Domain name only
  • Trusted Site Seal: Included (available in 18 languages)
  • Root CA: Yes
  • Secures Internationalized Domains: Yes – thawte is the first Certification Authority to have all its SSL certificates support IDN’s character sets
  • Time to Issuance: Within minutes of completing enrollment (if there are no special cases)