Upgrade control panel 1.28.1

By 12 November 2006December 16th, 2008No Comments

Zojuist heeft een update plaatsgevonden van het control panel van uw webhostingpakket.

Oude versie: 1.28.0
Nieuwe versie 1.28.1


CMD_EMAIL_ACCOUNT_VACATION (api only) [feature] ability to allow numbered usernames [feature] majordomo subscribe_policy to a dropdown (SKINS) [feature] Restore mbox file onto a system with dovecot [feature] & [feature] ips.conf template [feature] CMD_API_CHANGE_INFO [feature] CMD_API_ADDITIONAL_DOMAINS [feature] CMD_API_CHANGE_DOMAIN [feature] change tally named rewrite to use named.conf [bugfix] wrong confirmation messageduring open_basedir save [bugfix] .htaccess and .protected.list files not udpated during domain name change [bugfix] add option to backups to remember if a domain uses external mail. [bugfix] database with multiple access hosts leaves users behind when deleted [bugfix] database restore fails during DA user restore to a remote mysql server [bugfix] kernel returns repeated pid numbers in services monitor [bugfix] dns control couldn’t delete plus characters in TXT records [bugfix]

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