Upgrade control panel 1.32.0

Zojuist heeft een update plaatsgevonden van het control panel van uw webhostingpakket.

Oude versie: 1.31.5
Nieuwe versie 1.32.0


Monthly history for complete usage stats (SKINS) (new files) [feature]
restore default DNS settings tool (SKINS) [feature]
Ability to hide the number of users on an IP as seen by a Reseller [feature]
change ftp_list.php to use ncftpls instead of php [feature]
Optimize, repair and check mysql databases. [feature]
public_html directory can’t be removed on user suspend. [bugfix]
chgrp squirrelmail data to webapps for new accounts [bugfix]
Remove A records from dns merge if same name CNAME exists in backup. [bugfix]
Apache handlers for “system” with custombuild is an empty list [bugfix]
optimized “show reseller” page to use show_all_users.cache [bugfix]
The apache owne files disk usage total was counting non-apache directories

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