Upgrade control panel 1.32.3

By 30 October 2008December 16th, 2008No Comments

Zojuist heeft een update plaatsgevonden van het control panel van uw webhostingpakket.

Oude versie: 1.32.2
Nieuwe versie 1.32.3


add SSLCipherSuite to httpd.conf files. [feature] Random password button for ftp users (SKINS) [feature] change SPF record default to ~all from ?all [feature] Option to add message content to message system notifications [feature] API to show Reseller’s own stats and usage [feature] Changed default backup_threshold to 90% from 100% [feature] Change awstats to show past months [feature] changed domain limit of unlimited to shared [feature] Delete squirrelmail data with pop account [bugfix] Remove awstats on user deletion [bugfix] Spam with Maildir not being counted (action required) [bugfix]

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