Upgrade DirectAdmin 1.48.3 naar 1.49.1

Zojuist hebben wij een upgrade geïnstalleerd van het DirectAdmin control panel. Versie 1.48.3 is hierbij vervangen door versie 1.49.1. Hiermee zijn enkele problemen verholpen (bugfix) en nieuwe mogelijkheden geïntroduceerd (features).

Een uitgebreide opsomming van de wijzigingen vindt u hier:

10/20/15 Version 1.491

  • ftp_upload uses wrong timeout [bugfix]

10/17/15 Version 1.49

  • filemanager_pre.sh [feature]
  • Password protected directory to add ErrorDocument 401 [feature]
  • Remote ftp backup/restore to support secure FTPS (SKINS)(LANG) [feature]
  • Server time on login page [feature]
  • When SNI is enabled, Admin SSL certificates are saved to the domain, not to the shared server cert/key [feature]
  • Custom Domain Items (SKINS)(LANG) [feature]
  • HSTS header: HTTP Strict Transport Security [feature]
  • Mail Queue Admin to use -bpr instead of -bp for faster output [feature]
  • Option to allow Resellers to reset their User’s daily E-Mail send count [feature]
  • Ability to pass custom variables to pre/post.sh scripts from GET/POST [feature]
  • session_create_pre.sh [feature]
  • Ability to override skin html on a per-user basis [feature]
  • Autoreply and Vacation messages to support html or utf-8 (SKINS) [feature]
  • CNAME values to be allowed underscores [feature]
  • Per-User mysql.conf files [feature]
  • directadmin.conf variable: systemd [feature]
  • Ability to set global/user/domain/subdomain custom Apache/Nginx tokens [feature]
  • Sent E-Mails on “Show All Users” [feature]
  • Allow incoming server IP for local session keys [feature]
  • Removed nginx SSL settings, replaced with global settings (TEMPLATES) [feature]
  • Lost password path to use lang encoding (LANG) [bugfix]
  • dns_spf restore causes duplicate SPF [bugfix]
  • Security: open_baseidr on /~username with CLI [bugfix]
  • Changes to how DA figures out which server to use for updates [bugfix]
  • group not correctly set [bugfix]
  • Ftp backups created in /home/tmp to include pid in path [bugfix]
  • Skip all templates in ~/domains/domain.com upon restore creation [bugfix]
  • Allow login-as master API access to User if master has api_with_password=yes